Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What gets me #OnCloud9W?

Hey there?

You might have seen the pre-party buzz of the Google Online Shopping Festival 2014  floating all over Twitter, right?
Today on the 26th of November'14, It's @JetAirways that's creating history over the trend charts all over.

They want to know what's that thing that gives us a push? What gets us  ?

Here's what works for me THE MOST.

Well, there's a lot of things but these deserve the top spot. Okay?

1. TRAVELLING and to be most precise- A HOLIDAY IN PARIS!
     - Thanks to my never increasing financial status, I don't think I will be finding myself enjoying Paris BUT BUT BUT, there's always a catch that makes life worth it. 
And what's better than this contest that could give me a chance to feel the air of romance at the Eiffel Tower, soak into the French traditions and Oh! Their wine, food and everything that makes me drool.
I'll return with not just pictures, but stories unfolding in memories, for generations to come.

Can't wait to experience this sight LIVE!

- This includes the love for getting clicked too by the way, LOL!
I am not a pro or professional but yes I love capturing moments in my lens because years down the line when I look at them, I will be transported to those precious days once again. That's exactly what I want.

This is the place where I live, captured it during last monsoon which apparently makes each sight so beautiful. Aah!

- No surprises there! I have all rights to act like a 'Typical girl' right?
So, yes, I love dressing up to kill, shopping like there's no tomorrow to save money for and yes that bling! Ooohlala!

Likey? OH YEA, ME TOO!

Well well well, there's a lot more to the list from Music to love, alcohol to my favorite T.V shows but these are the TOP-3 which make the cut.
For the rest of the things that make me get on #OnCloud9W, just tune onto Twitter and go through my timeline - @DsouzaJennifer  AND you'll know me inside out.

P.S- Quickly send in your entries for the same and you could be either flying of to Paris, shopping for 14 minutes absolutely free or getting a return ticket to anywhere in India.

Wish me luck too ;)

Thank you to Jet Airways and Google India for such an amazing contest that has kept me hooked on since 8 a.m.
P.S- I love you! 

Follow - @JetAirways
and use the hashtags   in your tweets to qualify!

Cheers! :D