Saturday, 19 April 2014

From A Cricket enthusiast to an IPL maniac!

These days, Whenever I am put up the question- "What's exciting in your life?" ,
I answer- "PEPSI IPL on

Yes, It's that time of the year when all my cricket love and passion is on it's highest peak level!

What's the craziest thing I have done so I don't miss even a single shot of the PEPSI IPL?
-> I decorated my home with charts supporting and cheering for my favorite teams! 
Whistle Podu and Halla Bol is all I do no matter what the news, Be it in a theater or a public mall, I am always checking for the scores and it it's a six, I scream and jump irrespective of the place I am in because it's the love of cricket that's making me do it all, and I cannot control it! Can I? :)

When it's PEPSI IPL time, All parties are been said a "NO", there is no outside, there is only inside because couch, T.V, food and Pepsi! ;)

But, wait, did you know that even when you don't have a t.v nearby and are travelling, you can be updated with live scores?
Yes, It's magic offered to you by, Now stay hooked to PEPSI IPL no matter how busy you are, because everybody has a smartphone with an internet connection, and that's all you need to keep in touch on the go with live scores.
"It's an amazing innovation which is always updated with the recent scores, you feel like home, you feel like jumping as if you are present in the stadium!"

Cheering for RR with a "HALLA BOL", my walls support me by letting the motto hang on them! Dancing on tunes of the theme song, watching fans made videos on YouTube to prepare and get in the mood are little things that make up the most during PEPSI IPL! 

There is nothing like cricket to boost the mood, nothing like dancing in joy and sitting in superstition that if I get up, my team might lose a wicket! You become insane because you love cricket.
I have literally cried when I wasn't able to watch IPL matches due to travelling, I have fought to stay updated, I have done it all so I don't miss a ball!
And Now with it has become easier to dance!

One game - Million Emotions!
One Team - One family!

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Cheers! Let's together enjoy the spirit of PEPSI IPL and may the best team win! :)