Saturday, 18 October 2014

DIWALI- A celebration of life!

Being an Indian and not being excited for Diwali is IMPOSSIBLE.

So here I am sharing my love for the festival of lights, the festival of colours, of brightness and of good winning over evil.

Being a christian my family has never been into celebrating Diwali the traditional way, but that doesn't mean we don't soak in the awesomeness. Of course we do.
This is when neighbors, friends, and classmates come into the frame.

Ever since school days to college times, one thing hasn't changed- Celebrating Diwali with family. Because there is nothing like #GharWaliDiwali. I repeat, NOTHING. I used to be excited the whole year for Diwali vacations as I would be going to Indore, my hometown where all of us cousins will party on like there's no tomorrow.
Days before Diwali, we used to plan and prepare for a new rangoli design, each day. Frankly, I am not much into drawing so I used to let my cousins draw while I messed it up by filling colours in it. Um, okay.

P.S- All credits of making this rangoli go to my cousin sister Dorin and I am *just* posing. Okay, you can hit me now :P

As Diwali approached, our ears would become more efficient on hearing the doorbell ring bringing in lots and lots of sweets from neighbours and friends. Acting sober in front of them and attacking on the sweets once they went has always been our hobby, you bet!

In the blink of an eye, Diwali arrives!
Everyone around is dressed up in glittery new clothes, heaps of makeup, the sound of crackers busting your ears and oh! the poor dogs are crying somewhere in a corner.
Nothing much has changed over the years except for the impact of social media.
Hence, these days we are glued to campaigns, contests and sending 'virtual' greetings on Diwali rather than moving our ass out to celebrate in reality. But, Hey this is fun too.

My favourite Diwali moment ( after bumping into food ) is dressing up in a traditional attire and collecting compliments like flowers. Oh, how I love them!
*Perks of being a girl* HAHA!

This is how I was dolled up last year during Diwali, good no?

Following the tradition, I shall be enroute hometown yet again this time to celebrate Diwali with my extended family.
Lots of pictures shall be uploaded, so stay tuned ;)

But hey, Did you check out the PepsiCo #GharWaliDiwali campaign video as of yet? Then do it now.
This made me so nostalgic reminiscing old times showing how our lives have changed over the years.
Day by day everything is the same but when you look back it's all different.
Don't let time slip by. Celebrate this Diwali with your loved ones. Money can wait, time won't.

P.S- Also do check out to value your bond with family all over again and get that push to celebrate this festival with the ones you love.

Happy Diwali :)