Saturday, 11 October 2014

A weekend in Goa!

Be it an Indian or a foreigner, we all love Goa. Don't we?
Afterall, it's our closest escape to paradise.

And how disgusting was it that in my 19 years of being on this planet, I had never been to Goa?
So this time I said to myself - ENOUGH! 
And I was Enroute to the beautiful land of beaches, alcohol and peace.

It was the second last weekend of September and this time I didn't have to sing 'Wake me up when September ends'. LOL!

Hello Madgaon, let's begin our journey ;)

As I reached Goa by late night, the very first thing I looked for after getting freshened up at my resort was - FOOOOOD. And luckily, Goa is Mumbai's partner in crime. Yes, It never sleeps.

So, I went to a restro bar in Baga called '23' which is open 24/7. 
Warning- It has good food but the vibe isn't too comforting if you are a single girl or a group of ladies / with family-children. On the other hand, For guys, it's the most perfect place. Roger that! 

After boozing on beer and Prawns Fried rice, I returned to my Resort.
Which one?
'Resorte Marinha Dourada' in Arpora, Baga- Goa.
Beautiful is the description. 
Clean, spacious rooms which make you feel like home. It has In-hotel wine shops, dining areas, garden, pool and lots of bliss. 

A good night'a sleep beckoned and it was already Saturday morning.
Time for some breakfast in the resort,eh?

From Poha to Toasted bread, 
From Masala Omelette to Uttapam with Sambhar-Chutney and tea, fulfilling.

After filling my tummy, I went on to explore the closest beach - The Baga-Calangute Beach.

Beaches serve you more than just good food and alcohol, it's an out of the box feeling which takes you away from the daily stress, a long way ahead. 

Every time I am on the beach, the little girl in me comes out who views everything as a wonder, in itself.

A friend's birthday treat was up next at The Curry House in Candolim.
Even though the lights were going on and off, the candles made up for it.
When two friends meet on a birthday eve, there is not just one or two glasses but a sea of alcohol. Yeah! That's exactly what happened.
From Vodka to Honey Bee Brandy,
Whiskey to the famous Goan 'Feni', we tried it all. 

The party went on till 1 a.m and then off we were to our resorts, only to meet again.

Next day was filled with visiting churches and museums in Old Goa. 
Panjim is a city that speaks of the Goan history, The Portugese connection, the sacred temptation, the undying emotion.

First up,
- Basilica of Bom Jesus- A marvel piece of architecture. 

Inside the church, there is also kept the sacred body of the saint who worshipped Jesus Christ- St. Francis Xavier.

Right opposite is another church- St. Francis's church, and a museum which is equally beautiful.

Then, as it's said,
'When in Goa, do as The Goans do.

I did the same. 
Hello Coconut Water.

Tired. Too much. Yeah!

Back to the resort and some pool time maybe?

What was left to be explored?

A lot more than you think.
Oh yea.
There is so much to see in Goa that one weekend is never a solution. NEVER.

Let's leave rest of the places for the next time and explore some nearby food joints.

A local shack nearby our resort served Prawns curry-rice with Red wine which left me wanting for more.

I also bought some Cashew Feni to have it back home,Shh! This is a secret. Okay?

But let me tell you, Alcohol in Goa is really cheap. Like very cheap.
Don't forget to rope in a lot of bottles in your luggage. 
Ignore if you live in a dry state, Please.

Said Namaste to a Goan dinosaur one last time before I bid goodbye to Goa.

But first, let me have dinner.

Pork Sausages at Kapriz in Baga were an overdose of Onions.
My view- You might want to give this a miss. 

Chicken fried fingers, French fries with Mayonnaise and Arctic Vodka.

It was time for me to leave the lovely city of Goa,
With a heavy heart, I advanced my steps towards the station to board my train.

My heart was crying. I didn't want to go.

Goa is much more beyond beaches and drinks.
Goa Is found in its historic past which still shines in monuments, churches and museums,
Goa is where peace prevails.
Every person here is a tourist who has left behind stress to live a life where he is the king and the world is his kingdom. 
And that's what Is the spirit of Goa.
Commendable. Highly appreciable.

I feel one should visit Goa every weekend but that's not possible,
Hence, a trip every two months should be aimed for.
Because Goa shall never disappoint.

Mark my words.
You can also hit me later ;)

Adios Goa.
We shall meet again soon.
Thank you for giving me wonderful memories that I shall think and smile at for generations to come.