Monday, 29 September 2014

A Delhi-Jaipur escapade!

While all girls go gaga over fashion magazines and shopping, I find myself checking out new trips online. Searching for the best travel deal on websites, reading travel blogs, books and secretly exporting myself off the hook.
I don't really know how and when this started, but now it has become a part of me. What?

So where did my this love recently take me?
To the beautiful, cultural land of Jaipur in Rajasthan and The national capital of India i.e-Delhi. 

If you have already been there or are planning to, either ways you won't want to miss what I have to say, or write, eh! 
So, let's get this rolling.

It was the first week of September and I was all gushed up about my trip and more so because I was travelling with my school best friend, Megha. Yes, this was happening after years, the last trip we took together was our Manali school camp 6 years ago. We were in 9th standard back then. 
And look at us now, College hasn't changed anything as such, instead just deepened our love for travel. 

Enroute are we! 

Ah train journeys, how I love them.
No doubt flights are luxurious, but the real shining India is found in Indian railways. Yea. Try it to believe it. 

We arrived in the pink city, Jaipur on 5th of September 2014 and the sight of Rajasthani women dolled up in traditional attires got my eyes rolling, in a good way! 

Jaipur isn't as pink now as it was before, Sigh! 

We went to our accommodation, rested, freshened up a bit and went on to explore the place. 

Hunger striked and we landed into the 'GAURAV TOWER' also known as GT which is famous for the yummy street food all at one place. 

What all did we try? 
- Raj Kacchori- Oh nom nom. Perfectly filled with Dahi, boiled potatoes, and spices, it's heavy enough to fill our stomachs.

- Paneer Lacha - It's not Dosa that it looks like, it's something different, stuffed with paneer inside and chutneys to die for, it's one of a kind. Do try!

Now that our Tummy was full, it was time to find a new place to explore.

Next destination was the 'World Trade Centre'.
It's an Iconic place. 
From top shopping brands to all wonders of the world, 'All good things in one'.

There's also a 'Cake World' in there which serves yummy pastries. And it's cheap, trust me. It'll cost you around Approx. 50 bucks! 

Been there, done that! 

Now let's go and snuggle under our blankets for a new destination tomorrow awaits.

Next day, we had to get up quite early, at 5 a.m because we were heading to Delhi via bus which could delay more than it should, Thanks to our Indian trafficked roads. 

Oh Delhi! I could sense lip smacking food already. Nom! 

We reached New Delhi at around 3 noon and straight away headed to a budget hotel in Paharganj. Yea, that's not the best place to stay in but not worst either, provided you are a risk taker. Or else, you might want to try hotels in Saket, Karol Bagh or Connought place etc. 

Dumping our luggage in the hotel room, we were set to live the Delhi life for 2 days. Say whaaaaaaa! 😍

First pit stop - Dilli Haat. 

Oh Dilli, the food you serve can never be matched by any other city. NEVER EVER. 

I just barged into 'Chicken Momos' and gulped it down before my body could realize what was happening.

You cannot miss this. And if you do, hit yourself with a stick. 

Dilli Haat is basically a shopping for traditional items and food hogging area. It's closest to the Sarojini Nagar Metro station so you might not want to miss it. 

Once you are done pleasing the tummy, take a Rickshaw and head straight to where we did, The Sarojini Nagar market.
Afterall, we all enjoy cheap thrills, don't we? 
It's a 'traveller on budget's paradise'.

Once we were done, a Dinner at friend's place and we were in our hotel beds. 

Next day started and we went on to live the Old Delhi style.
It was Chandni Chowk time.

As we were hungry since last night, we went in a local food joint at the epic 'Parathe Waali Gali'. 
It's no wide easy-to-be-distinguished lane but a small road which is hard to be noticed unless you are a pro or something. We had the Rickshaw waala to guide us, so no worries! 
And, did I tell you how amazing are the 'Cycle-Rickshaws' in Old Delhi?

Parathe Waali Gali- The menu had all types of Parathas one can imagine of. I repeat. 'All'.

I decided to order a Banana Paratha and my decision was worth it.
Sweet and bliss. 
Not just bananas, the Paratha was also filled with dry fruits that leave you wanting for more. 

Then, The epic place of Indian heritage- Red fort or Lal Quila was where my feet went next. Here's where our PM gives the greatest independence day speech, here's where history is made each year with the hoisting of our National flag.

A little scrolling at the Chandni Chowk market and off we went to meet some great friends at Khan Market.

We ended our Delhi trip with a good bonding time with friends at a cafe in Khan Market. 

So, on a whole here's what I have to say-

From the world class Delhi Metro, to the 'to-die' for good Dilli food,
From 'Dilwaale' Delhiites to each place being a wonder in itself,
'Delhi ROCKS'! 

And we were in the train for a return journey to our respective homes.

On one hand, Jaipur was peaceful, traditional and beautiful,
Whereas on the other, Delhi was modern, classy, and hearty. 
I discovered why it's called 'Dilwaalon ki Dilli', Because everyone is actually a good soul in there. Yes, actually!

To everyone out there, keep travelling for it gives you much more than what you put in. You are a new person when you return back, one who has forgotten all stress, and only happy memories beckon with zest.

Bon Voyage! ✈️🚣🚂🌄🌅