Monday, 19 January 2015

Equality everywhere? Then why is Laundry only a woman's dare?

Here's what came up from Ariel's recent survey conducted by AC Nielsen-

Yes, Being a lady this disturbs me.
What about you?


Why not, is what I say.
We talk about gender equality. We talk about giving everyone equal opportunities and work, we talk about Indian women coming at par with men but everything falls apart when it comes to the household chores.
Men doing laundry in India is a strict 'No-No'. Why? Because it hurts their ego.
While women are drying clothes, men are relaxing themselves on the couch having beer on a lazy Sunday morning. WOW!
And that's how India will reach the stage of gender equality? Kudos. Huh!

Let me tell you a short instance that I recently encountered at a friend's place.

So it was one of our vacation weekends when my friend's father got up in the morning and started shouting at his wife for the laundry wasn't done on time and the shirt that he was supposed to wear for a party that evening was still dirty.
To this his wife softly replied, 'We have a washing machine and I was really busy all this while. If it's this important to you, why didn't you do the laundry yourself? I mean it's no rocket science, right?'
And then Uncle got infuriated and screamingly left the house.

This made me think, Would the world end if he would have himself taken up the responsibility of doing the laundry?

This is a big problem that still awaits a solution.

Washing machines have made doing laundry 10* times easier, what we need to do is tell our men to stand up for themselves, and show some support in doing the work.
So when we get together to work, be it inside the house or outside, is when India will see a new light, the light of equality where men and women equally march towards success.

So Ladies, raise your voices. It's time to speak up. It's either Now or Never.

P.S- I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.