Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Man With Unclean Stubble!


Not so Long Ago , A New Guy entered our class , I Was in 8th Std. back then,
Immature but surviving the Chaos.

That Lunchtime, Me and my best friend giggling our talks was when a new cute dude just passes our way ,
He walked in the same class as I was ,
The clean shaven , as Indians say , "Gora - Chitta Munda " just bowled me over.
I was Stumped,
It was love or just attraction , Can't say but whenever I Remember that look , Goosebumps are on it's way.

I Wish I Could , But I can't reveal his name over here ( Who knows, He might just go through my Blog and Shhhh! )
So, I Would refer to him as "Mr X."

So, I Was small , Could never express my feelings.
What else can you expect from a shy girl at 14?

Days passed, years went off , One day I found out his dad is getting a transfer in another country so he will be leaving the school.

*Sob , Sob *

I Cried for hours and days to come.
I Was in 10th then,
But who can stop what has to happen, He went.

I Learnt to live without staring at him once a day ( at least , sometimes it was many times a day , Blush )  

But, As they say, The World is Round.

What goes round, comes round.

I Saw him again after 5-6 years, In College.


Oh, So you just felt we had a happy ending and blah blah!

The story takes a U-turn here.

I Saw him Changed.
He wasn't like he was before.

His Clean Shaven Look had given way to an Unclean Mustache look, It looked Shabby, It looked like he had given up peace for some war and was going to bomb the place,
He looked like he was behind Bars for years.

Oh My!
What did my cute crush do to himself!

He blasted the balloon of my feelings and entered a "No-No Dating" list of Men in my life.

I Can't develop that love for him now, It's gone, Lost somewhere in the hair on his face, that could have been controlled.

Yes, Boys and Men, Keep it Clear, Keep it Clean Shaven, Show us your face, it wasn't given to you to hide it behind those shabby hair.

* Ending on a Search for that Perfect Clean Shaven Man - I Will Find him Soon * :D

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