Sunday, 22 December 2013

VH1 Supersonic - The Party of My Dreams!

Firstly , Let me tell you,

If you don't know about this, you are wasting your Time,

And if you are not going here, you are wasting your Life.

What am I talking about?

Yes, You guessed it right.


" Experience the oneness of music at Candolim Beach from December 26 to 30; Nikhil Chinapa partners with Live Viacom18 for the event. "

Why I want to be there?

-> Life's a Party and I am the Lady! When they both meet, it creates 'History' :)

-> World’s best artistes will be uniting on one stage to dole out pulsating beats that will transport music enthusiasts into an un-parallel world of unadulterated music and dance.

-> I Have been struggling to get to Goa , to party and to let that stress out of the daily routine. A Perfect Getaway is VH1 Supersonic 2013!

-> Vh1 Supersonic 2013 aspires to give serious music lovers an electrifying experience capturing some of the finest artists from the dance music community across the globe.

-> Always the first to define trends and lead by example, Vh1 brings with it immense experience of international music genres and high octane music events .

-> A festival dedicated to blue-blooded dance music fans for whom music is a way of life, it will witness a constellation of international and home-grown talent performing at the festival.

-> It gives me a chance to Unleash my Blogging potential too. Being a lover of capturing moments into memories through my camera and pen , I Can enjoy the life of Glitter on my Heels that shine through my eyes!

Some Quick facts about VH1 Supersonic ->

* LIVE Viacom 18 in association with M/s Starlight Events & Ent Pvt. Ltd are conceptualizing this oneness of music that is VH1 Supersonic 2013.

Vh1 SUPERSONIC 2013 has received the State Level Event Permission Committee (SLEPC) to host this festival. 

* India's much loved DJ, VJ and dance music promoter; Nikhil Chinapa with his extensive understanding of the Indian dance music industry will be adding another dimension to the festival in the capacity of ‘Festival Director'.

I Can get into my favorite Shorts and dress , forget what the world says, live in to dance to the beats of oneness and goodness,
See people like me who enjoy life as it comes,
Drown myself in tasty food and drinks,
Be mad, madder and maddest ,
Life's too short to be boring , Life's too short to not dance and life's too short to avoid VH1 Supersonic 2013 in GOA! :)

The Beach's Calling it's Beach Baby to write down about it in her blog, Be the Official Blogger, To dance in it's tunes, to socialize with people I never knew, and to be a part of VH1 Supersonic , Lenovo #MyVIBE Super Squad! 

Guys and Girls!

Come make dance music your religion of choice and the soundtrack of your life. Experience this ONENESS at Candolim Beach, Goa - a land synonymous with timeless festival magic, to celebrate friendship and love amidst euphoric music. 

P.S - Those who cannot make it to GOA, Stay tuned to my blog , for I May join the Lenovo VibeX SuperSquad and be the Official Blogger of VH1 Supersonic #MyVibe :) 

Isn't it cool?

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Start Packing, For Goa's Calling!

And , Make some noise for VH1 Supersonic is here in just 3 days time! :)