Friday, 29 November 2013


                            Importance of Color Play in the Bedroom!

Colors are life!

People have said earlier and so do now ,

"Don't stay Dull, Add some colors to your life".

And rightly so.

After a hard day at work, we come back to our resting beds, that lay comfortingly in our Bedrooms.
Yes, They wait for us since eternity , they stay still but never cease to fall ill.

But What do we do for our bedroom?


It's time to think about them , think about the part of our lives that gives us what we owe our success to.
Sleep, Health , Pleasure, Work .. All our somehow started and concluded in our bedroom.

A Young Couple finds pleasure ,
A Child finds his toys,
A Working Woman her necessary beauty nap ,
While Teenage children their dream crush.

A Bright Color in a Bedroom will enhance it's beauty, will double the energy and will relocate the prettiness in it's sanity , revamping the energy and bringing you back to bliss .

Blue Color in my Bedroom adds a peacefully calm feel to it which lets me concentrate on my health and study needs whereas also fills me with activeness when I open my eyes to the dawn of a new seed!

Every morning , I Wake up to Shine, To Calmness, Forgetting to whine!

This is what Coloring my Bedroom Blue did to me.

A Short Brief about some colors and their effects according to your personality that may help you decide what color your bedroom should be -

White , Peach , Light Blue , Yellow - Light Colors = For the Highly Active Kind .

Reason = This will calm you down. Too Active means aggression is a high , Lowering down will be done through light colors in your bedroom hun! :)

Red , Purple , Green , Violet, Pink - Dark Colors = For the Shy, Lazy Kind.

Reason = You know you need to up your oomph quotient, Afterall interacting with people is not a crime to be committed. It is a beautiful feeling, It makes you feel alive, feel the power of togetherness.
Dark colors will help you get up with a spark , unleash the "Me" in "You" that will drive you to move forward.

Conclusion - So, Try a shade opposite of your nature, And Let your bedroom do the talking!
Shine on with Glitter on your Heels,
For everyday holds in it a possibility of a better tomorrow,
Wake up to a new you!

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