Sunday, 20 July 2014

#WHATTHEBLACK - For Black is Beautiful!

BLACK is that one color which gets me go gaga from on a dull, boring day to a bright, adventurous one. 
It is so perfect that it goes with almost every outfit, atmosphere and location. You don't need to think twice before picking up a black device. 

As it's said,

I love colors but that doesn't rule out the importance of black in my life. It's the essence of nature. Black makes the colors appear beautiful. You usually take hours to choose that one perfect color but when black is spotted, there is no looking back.
Black always under promises and over delivers.
It is no more that color of loneliness or sad times, It's vibrant, chic, and very much in vogue. Something that sets eye balls rolling.

There are many BLACK things I love and wish for,
But let me cut the queue to the 'Top 5' -

                              Nothing speaks class better than an Audi. I am not a big fan of cars or automobiles but when it's a Black Audi, it's difficult to resist. In my wishlist since eternity lies this beauty. From the smooth drives to the head turning built, this is just a wonder car - A royal experiment that has no competition in the charm it displays. Bowled over without being a cricketer, such is the aura.
It doesn't matter which model it is, A1, A3, A5, Q3 etc. until and unless it's an Audi in Black.

2. A BLACK iPad
                           Apple is royalty personified. Those who have it just don't flaunt it without a reason. It has so much more than just beauty on the outside, an operating system and quality to die for.
An iPad in black is a gadget that can make my life 10 times easier. 
Being a Gemini, I am born a multitasking giant but I always feel the need to slow down and ease off the pressure over my brain and only a smart iPad device can do it. When you buy it, you see to it that it looks good too. So, Black is what I wish for.
From watching movies to catching up on my daily soaps, I can do it all plus get compliments when I show it off. My black Apple iPad, My love!

                                    Getting an LBD for a girl isn't that a difficult task in the world where there are shops, sale and markets at every place. But, as I am no normal girl but one who's 'Glitter on heels and shine in eyes", so I have my wishlist which has stars.
A little black dress by none other but the brand that gets my heart racing - Louis Vuitton, Yes, that supreme excellence.
It's drool worthy but not so budget friendly. Sigh!
Or else, I would by now have a whole house filled with it.

4.  A BLACK PUPPY                                                                                                                                 Nothing speaks of cuteness more than pets. Frankly, I was never fond of animals,
but lately I am changing. Call that early signs of ageing or whatsoever but I have started liking animals. A cute little black colored puppy would be perfect to ensure there's a live wire in the house that keeps everyone happy. Dogs are selfless when it comes to loving, giving, caring and living, A quality we humans lack to a great extent. And oh yes, they are so adorable, Who would disagree? ;)

5.  ONE PAIR OR EVEN MORE OF BLACK GUCCI HEELS                                                                                    Heels for a girl is what wine is for boys. There is no love sincerer than the love 
for heels for it gives me a better view of the world on the other side, I look taller, stronger and confident. No matter how much the pain, people look at the beauty of it. And what's better to add spontaneity than having Gucci, the brand that's high on quality to give you the attitude of Miss pretty. 
Gucci black high heels is an item on my wishlist that's here to stay till I get rich, or lucky, or both! HAHA!

As we draw towards the end, I would say, 
BLACK is just not a color but a lifestyle. Not everyone is bold enough to let their aspirations take on over society's criticism, but for the one's who do, they do it in style. They choose black. It speaks for what their words won't. It says it all, IN STYLE!

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