Thursday, 17 July 2014

Catching Up on 'My' Zest For Life!

Life is all about moments, experiences, people and surroundings. It's all about ZEST.

What is ZEST?
For me, It's that tingly feeling in my tummy that gives me wings to fly and explore the extraordinary. It's that boost to my morale that sets me on a journey to conquer it all.
I believe in living with zest no matter how much the stress!

There is just not 1 or 2 but many things that add zest to my life and why not? Life's too short to be monotonous and boring, routine is lethal.

Let me share those 5 things that zest up my life the most -

                         To travel comes first in my Top-5 list because it runs in my blood. I am an explorer, a mover, a go-getter. I don't believe in sitting idle at one place but instead moving my ass to places I have never seen before, to get to know traditions and cultures I never knew existed, to indulge sinfully in food that's unknowingly divine, to get magically touched by the healing of mother nature that's pure and blissful.
        From climbing half of the distance of Mount Everest at the age of 10 in a school camp to Manali, to exploring the mighty golden island UAE- Dubai- Abu Dhabi at 18, I have done it all, at times alone, at times with all.
There is something about travelling that makes me forget all my worries, I return back as a new person, one who is brave because I have been weak, fearless because I have been fearful and wise because I have been foolish.

 Everytime I am in a flight, I look down from the window and wave at kids who might be waving back from down beneath! :)

Sunbathing at a private beach island at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A mesmerizing view from my room's balcony which transported me to heaven in my recent trip to Abu Dhabi.

                               Living in India comes with it's own terms and conditions, one of it being,
"YOU ARE BORN A CRICKET ENTHUSIAST", Yes, And being a girl didn't stop that.
Not just cricket, I love watching Football too, the recently concluded FIFA World Cup 2014 with Germany being crowned as champions had me hooked on from the start till the stop.
But, Cricket rules my world. It's something that's like a nerve-wrecking drug, It makes me dance and cry, celebrate and mourn, conquer and despair, The game has it all.

Met these Cricket legends- Rahul Dravid, James Faulkner, Shane Warne, Steve Smith during the IPL season this year overseas while dining at a restaurant after Rajasthan Royals won vs Kolkata Night Riders on April 29th'14.

Cheering for my team RAJASTHAN ROYALS during IPL 2014 in the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi.

3. FOOD                                                                                                                                                   It's like, I can even forgive my enemies after a good meal. Yes, That's the power of food in my life. I won't say I live to eat or I eat to live, because there are many more things that I live to do but food and eating is a very important part of my life. Nothing adds more zest than discovering new cuisines that not only fills the stomach but make the soul happy.

From homemade Chicken Biryani...

...To International desserts, All are pure love!

Oh, How lovely is a welcome carved on desserts  - At the lovely "The Leela Palace, Mumbai :)

For the health conscious me ;)

4. FAMILY AND FRIENDS                                                                                                                    The most priced possession I own without earning and that's what makes it special. They stand by you in good and bad, they make you laugh when you don't even feel like smiling, they give you a shoulder to cry on but giggle till eternity when you fall ;) 
Family ties you in a bond for a lifetime and beyond whereas friends walk in from nowhere and make a home in your heart .
When you are together, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching great heights for even if you fall, you know there are people who will stand there welcoming you like you just came from a royal ball.

A collage which includes all my precious in one frame!

Long boring days just pass by when you have friends aside.

Picture with Mom.

5. MOVIES-FASHION-ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                      
                                              Life will be a dull ride if there won't be any sort of entertainment to compile by. Entertainment comes in all sorts, for me it's all about dramatic movies, dancing on evergreen songs and always being in vogue. It adds a zest to my life making it the best.
I watch all Bollywood movies possible and download as many Hollywood ones as I can because more than just romance or songs, it has so much to teach us, I learn and then unlearn - All thanks to the movies I see, to the books I read and the fashion I breathe!
"Lights- Camera- Action" are the 3 magical words that always work for me and not "I Love You", Oh please! ;)

                A snap from the recent Lakme Fashion Week which I attended in March in Mumbai.

                                    With the magical Fashion Designer Sonaakshi Raj during LFW'14.

                       Getting pampered to look my best when the photographer says, "ACTION" ;)

From a recent shoot for Femina Miss Diva 2014 at a pre buzz event by ace photographer Appurva Shah.
So much madness and fun with my girls Mahak and Krittika! ( P.S - I am the one in the centre )

On a whole, I would like to conclude by saying -
Everyone is different and so are our choices. What adds zest to my life might be completely inappropriate to your's but you don't need to match and sync choices to live together, Instead just appreciate each other's point of view and gel well.
I love life because I live with Zest, The zest which I find in everything I see and which I am yet to feel. I make it a point to learn new things, forgive quickly, love more and let go of what no more grows.


P.S -This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest