Saturday, 3 May 2014

A 'Halla Bol' UAE Trip for Pepsi IPL 2014!

Cricket + UAE + Pepsi IPL = Heaven!

Who can doubt it?

I was on my toes the moment I came to know I am going to the United Arab Emirates to cheer for Rajasthan Royals in their IPL game as a part of their #WeAreTheRoyals campaign.
What was next was impatient days and lots of packing!

The Visa and tickets were with us on 27th April'14 evening and we were all set to roll out the madness!

Day 1 - 28th April'14.

6.20 a.m - Enroute Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai Terminal T2, For our flight to Dubai! Goosebumps, Tension and hell lot of on the edge nerves.

9.20 a.m - Boarded the flight after going through the immigration and check in process. First time taking off miles apart was an experience of sheer bliss!

11 a.m - Landed in Dubai at the Dubai International Airport. Whattay fun! Came out to find our car waiting for us to be taken to the hotel in Abu Dhabi.
The 2 hour road journey to the "Ritz Carlton" hotel in Abu Dhabi from Dubai enlightened me, with the tall buildings and infrastructure to die for. Awesome is the word.

Reached the hotel and was mesmerized with the beauty of it. A jewel in the desert. It had a private beach too. How cool.

It was the Day 1 and we were told to relax and admire the beauty all around and yes that's exactly what we did and oh yes, drooling in the yummy food was no exception in our list.

So many dining options in the hotel, Spoilt by choice but then my heart always wants more :)

Sunbathing at the lovely private beach at the hotel.

Then walk around exploring the city, dinner and crashed the bed for Day 2 has lots of excitement to be ready for!

Day 2- 29th April'14.

Got up late to a beautiful view of the hotel room balcony after a peaceful sleep in the cozily made up bed.

5.20 p.m - Off to the stadium to cheer for Rajasthan Royals #HallaBol and what a cracker of a match it turned out to be against Kolkata Night Riders in the Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu Dhabi.
It went down to the super over, got tied again but alas RR won it on the basis of number of sixes hit. Oh bwoy, that's some nail biting finish!

Back to the Hotel and straight to the dinner table, after some slurrps, Bumped into RR players and what's better than personally congratulating them for the epic win and wishing them good luck for the IPL! :D

Off to sleep! :)

Day 3- 30th April'14 -

7. a.m- Time to leave UAE and come back to motherland India. To the Abu Dhabi airport where some shopping beckoned for friends, family and then straight on the flight with a heavy heart which said,
"UAE, Thank you for the lovely memories, A great time with awesome people, I shall be back soon".

With some yummy chocolates I bid adieu to UAE and landed in Mumbai, India.

I Conclude by - A BIG THANK YOU TO RAJASTHAN ROYALS who undertook a great campaign #WeAreTheRoyals on social media which gave us all a fair chance to be a part of the IPL and witness RR playing live in the UAE, I and Saipriya ( co-winner) were fortunate to be blessed by this chance.
Amazing hospitality, a nerve wrecking game of cricket, loads of pampering and what a heaven!

All the best Rajasthan Royals for the IPL season! Rock on, Shine on!




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