Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Future Of Shopping!

                               THE FUTURE OF SHOPPING!

It is 2013 ,
Shopping has become a Delight .
It is No More a Pain in the Ass.

10 Years Back ,
We all remember Our Mother's Complaining , "Who Will Get Ready and Go To The Market?"
Now , It's all done on One Click.

Online Shopping Sites Like Flipkart , Myntra and eBay ( ) have made it more than simple to get our desired product at our doorstep in no time without any pain in the legs.

As We Progressed Till Online Shopping in 2013 ,
2030 Will See The Dawn of a New Era.

First Assumption -
SHOP Button on the Keyboard -

Yes , No More Waiting to Open the Site , then check on the Items and Add them to The Cart ,
Just Click on The "Shop" Button , You will be Redirected to the desired location.

Second Assumption - 
Your Command will Bring the Product Out on your hand -
This May feel a bit too Much to think ,
But Hey , Who Had thought years back that we could Shop on the Computer and something like Internet would be invented .
So Just wait for the day when you just say , and A Hand pops out from the screen with your product bay. 

Finally ,

Third Assumption -
Shopping Cart With A Mouse - 
Just Click on the Go , And the Products will start to appear in you Shopping Cart. 

I Conclude By Saying ,

Now Just Laugh At the Confusion , Spare a Thought to the Assumptions and Be Proud For Being a Shopaholic Human .

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