Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Oxylife bleach - My skin's guardian angel!

A dear friend recently got married. It was a morning affair and as expected I had plans to get dressed luxuriously. My dress was perfect with best fit heels but then I came back to my misery of uneven skin tone, black patches, tanning and facial hair. It was easily my worst nightmare!

What’s more, not only did I lose interest in decking-up but it certainly did throw my self-confidence off track as well. And it’s like the story of every time, whenever I am so excited to deck up and look my pretty best these imperfections make me all demotivated.

This is the story or problem most of my readers send me and I myself have faced this. It’s like the skin has lost its natural-ness and has become this dull, sad and unattractive. So I researched and found out that our skin over time loses its original texture and this is because it loses oxygen or doesn’t get the right amount of oxygen that the skin needs over a period of time. 

Surprised right... Oxygen for lungs possible but oxygen for healthy skin?? Let me explain this below-

Think of a scenario where you are standing in a place where there is lot pollution, dust, heat and dirt. Now try and breathe freely in this, you aren’t able to, right? This is because all of these elements take away our capability to breathe. Similarly our skin also breathes from within and pollution, dust, heat, dirt etc. take away its ability to breathe. Hence, our skin needs oxygen. 

But how does one get oxygen and from where?

This is where after my research I found that the method to revive is bleaching. It is like adding a natural layer to our skin to bring out the original state of the skin. But do all bleaches provide such benefits and which bleach is good for each skin type. Not to forget if not bleached correctly or if a wrong bleach is used, it can lead to a disaster. Hence I found Oxylife bleach in one of the leading retail stores and after reading oxygen benefits on its pack I decided to purchase and review it. And well to my surprise, it did wonders. 

Its special oxygen technology infuses new life into dull and weary skin, making sure that the effect lasts for days to come.  

To use OxyLife Bleach, pre-wash your face with water and pat dry; you have to apply OxyLife Bleach for up to 10-15 mins on your skin. Wash off your face with cold water, and apply a cream that suits your skinDon’t forget to mix crème bleach and powder activator in the ratio of 7:1 using the spatula for 2 minutes till the powder activator dissolves completely.

It’s a quick and easy way to gorgeous skin anytime. #SayYesToOxygen and let your skin be fresh & glowing. Use the product & tell me do you love it like I do. Login to www.oxygenforskin.com and enter the world of oxygen.