Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Thin Line Between Love and Friendship!

Three years back,
When I Just entered the last year of my school, 12th standard , Board exams nervousness and school-leaving nostalgia dwelt together in each other.

May 2011 - Summer Vacations.

Holiday time meant grandpa's home, Indore.
Cousin sisters re-bonding, Chilling with home cooked love and pampering, Ah! The good days!
Back then my Cousin sister and me had found a new Hobby,
Walking in the Garden nearby discussing life, boys and all things random. 

One Monotonous evening,
Walking in the Park, One of her classmates - Mr.X came to meet us, For a Simple Hi-Hello! 
But, With him had come a unknown guy - Mr.Y, his neighbor and friend. He brought him along so he doesn't feel nervous among two ladies.
First impression said Mr.Y is conserved and a bit on the tough side with that not so clean shaven look and plastic smile.
Though I Was supposed to talk to Mr.X that day as I was the one who had come as a guest , His ultra boring persona disinterested me, I needed to divert my mind to make him feel I am busy in something important.
Then suddenly I realized Mr. Y is standing there, alone and composed. I Decided to know him a bit, escaping from Mr. X,
That's how it all started.
We started talking and our conversation went on for hours and into exchanging numbers till it was 10 p.m , we had to rush home but with a promise to stay in touch!

*There was a spark that shined, a great friendship was on it's way!*

Since then,
We met often, talked for hours on phone, discussed everything.
Topics started emerging from nowhere, it felt good for we were compatible, we understood each other.

Some Months Later -
Back to school after holidays , Busy preparing for exams, 

One day , The Phone beeped, 
                                       *One Message Received* ,
It was Mr. Y, 
He said, *I wanted to tell you this from so long, but it somewhat couldn't happen. Don't you think there is something more to our friendship that is happening but we aren't admitting it, I have started falling for you, I have started loving you, 
Will you be my girlfriend?" 

I Was Stunned , Shocked, Surprised.
I Somewhere knew this was happening, I could sense it in our conversations but I feared to admit it. Maybe a failed past relationship was the reason , I didn't want to commit to something I know I wouldn't be able to give my 100% to.
But I didn't wanted to disappoint him , I was swinging on both the ends of a See saw with no one around to keep a balance. 

After giving it a deep thought ,
I Told him , 
"I Will have to think about this, I Like you but this is love or something else isn't yet clear to me, We will talk about this when I come to Indore after my exams. I don't want to divert my attention from my boards which holds not just mine but my parent's expectations."

He Understood but was reluctant to accept. He wanted to hear those magical three words, He wanted to tell the whole world he has fallen in love, He wanted to feel the reality better than his dreams ever were.
These childish efforts of his took our messages on a different notch altogether , now it consisted of the sweet teenage love aroma , caring of each other, getting possessive and worried on matters that weren't that a big thing.
This continued for 5-6 months approximately,
Then as they say , "No matter how much you try, what's not in your fate, doesn't happen".

It happened like a fairy came in my dream and gave me the lesson of a lifetime,
She said, "You are young, You have the whole bunch of opportunities around you, you have to focus on that one dream you are dreaming since forever, Men will come and men will go, but age and success are for you to sow."

She was right. I had to focus on my goals because for love there is a whole life afterwards .

So I decided to speak to him and tell him my decision.
I Told him , "Sorry, We cannot get together , Because We are not going to live in a common city ever and a long distance relationship is something difficult to manage and impossible to sustain, Maybe you will one day find a better girl than me , I wish you luck, We shall stay best friends forever but nothing more our fate could see. Stay in touch 
Mr. Y".

I never fell in love with him, So it didn't affect me, but it did to him , I know it did. He didn't tell me anything but he had a difficult time accepting this fact . 
I Knew he will get over it, After all , Time heals everything, It teaches us to be strong at our broken points.

After 3 Years ,

Now, Here I am in a completely different city than he is , working towards my dream, taking a step at a time, struggling to make both ends meet,
On the other hand, He is working for his Job, to make his parents proud.
We talk but not as frequently, we still are great friends , we discuss almost everything but are hardly able to meet, we fight, we tease each other , we are the typical friends, Two idiots in this world who are and shall always be there for each other.
We will find our soul mates one day and get married , attend each other's wedding , feel awkward , laugh it out, click crazy pictures and dance like crazy .

Maybe, This was how it was meant to be, This was what was designed by God for us,
And we are adjusted to it.
After all,
I Gained a Best Guy friend who is like a star in my Universe , I may not see him every day but I know he's there .

"Earning Friends is more Important than earning Money, When you earn one, keep it in a safe purse, the purse of love, trust and freedom."